A downloadable game for Windows

Professional Roll Wrestlers duke it out in the oven. Win 2 minigames in a row to defeat your opponent and avoid a reversal!

It's Dinnertime! King Kaiser and Crescendough are set to face off on The Rack. Who will be spared their tender, flaky fate?  A 

Input: 2 Gamepads (Xbox360/Xbox1 tested)

Stage 1: How will you approach your opponent? Attack, Grab, or Counter?

Stage 2: The winner from stage 1 now has the advantage, but you can swing the odds back towards your favor by winning the Stage 2 minigame and performing a REVERSAL!

Created for Chillenium 2017 Student Game Jam with LÖVE.


Roll Reversal (Chillenium Submission).zip 5 MB